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Time is changing. And with the rapid development of science and technology, people’s way of living has undergone tremendous changes, including their way of shopping. The explosion of information and communication technology and the vast popularity of the computer and the Internet have witnessed the emerging and booming of a new shopping method, shopping from online stores. Then people have been comparing the brand new way of shopping with the traditional one and many of them agree that the former enjoy more advantages over the latter one.

To start up, online glasses are, more often than usual, much cheaper than glasses sold in local stores. Local stores have to pay very high rent these days, so they have to sell their goods at somewhat high price to earn a profit. Online stores, on the contrary, don’t need to pay the almost increasingly unaffordable rent, so they can sell goods at much lower price to attract more customers. I know one online glasses store which sell all kinds of glasses at very reasonable price, if not unexpectedly low. I bought a pair of men’s prescription glasses there for my father. It has golden solid frames and looks formal and mature. It suits my father very well who is a businessman. The most important and surprising thing is that it just cost me less than half the money of those sold in local stores.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning about online shopping is that it is more convenient and time-saving than the traditional one. You even don’t need to step out of your home during the whole process of shopping. You can just stay before your computer which is connected to the Internet and click your mouse leisurely. All the selecting, comparing, bargaining and asking and answering can be done on the Internet within a short span of time.

Last but not least, online goods are also reliable in their quality, at least, the online glasses store I have chosen sell very gorgeous prescription glasses, glasses frames and many other kinds of glasses. What’s more, their service is also satisfactory with the friendly and patient sales representative.

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