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I am going to graduate from college and I have found a job as software designer in an international computer company. I have been making preparations for my job, from daily appearance to professional skills. I once consulted with an older friend who has been working for three years about what I can do to leave others a good impression. He told me that image was important in the occupation field. He suggested me always appear properly when working.

I got his points. Being an employee is different from being a student. As a student, I can dress casually as I like; but as an employee, I must leave others the impression of capable, formal and decent, otherwise, I would seem out of tune with working environment. I changed my hairstyle, and bought formal suits and ties. But it seemed that there still was something looks improper. The eyeglasses! Yes, my former pair of prescription eyeglasses was no longer in harmony with the formal dressing style. It was one that has bold big black frame which made me look like a childish fashion-pursuit boy. I should replace it with a more suitable pair.

Then what kind of eyeglasses should I choose? I was puzzled at that time. I searched the internet for suggestion. By chance, I got to know the net optical store addresses After getting my personal features such as my age, occupation and preference, the online optician of that store gave me some professional advice about what kind of eyeglasses should I choose. He said that I had better choose eyeglasses with slim metal frame and proper lenses because this kind of eyeglasses leaves others the impression of decent and serious.

Finally I took his advice and chose a pair of mens prescription glasses from that store. It is of black titanium frame and resin lenses. When I received the delivery yesterday, I must say it surpassed my expectation! It is cheaper than any pair of eyeglasses that I once filled in solid optical stores, but its quality and style are much better!